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How it Works

Simply slip on the Lightscoop®, follow the easy camera set-up steps:

and immediately transform the ugly direct light from your tiny flash into pro-quality light. Professor Kobré's Lightscoop® lets you use professional photography techniques WITHOUT having to buy or learn to use expensive extra lighting equipment.

Redirecting the small light from your camera's built-in flash to the ceiling creates a larger source of light that also comes from a natural direction (rather than from the middle of your forehead). Softer, more diffused light coming from a natural direction will instantly improve your photos.

Professionals create soft, directional "window light" with strobes and umbrellas or light boxes. You can do the same by aiming your built-in flash and Lightscoop to a light-colored wall. Turn the camera vertically to aim the light toward a wall with the Lightscoop Original or Junior. Angle the Deluxe's mirror to aim toward the wall when shooting verticals OR horizontals.

Plus, using the flash will stop blur from subject or camera movement.

So many creative options! You'll start to LOVE your built-in flash—and your friends will think you hired a pro!

[Note that the Lightscoop does not replace fully-featured and more powerful tilting external flashes for advanced or professional photographers who need them. That's a whole other class of equipment.]

Explore this site to see Lightscoop photos by real people in real situations to appreciate the Lightscoop's capabilities.

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